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The Bear That Wasn’t is Nils Verresen, just a Belgian boy with a guitar and an angelic voice. The Bear That Wasn’t took his name from a children’s book by Frank Tashlin, his music bears resemblance to Gravenhurst, Elliott Smith, Bon Iver and Sufjan Stevens. The Bear That Wasn’t whispers fragile songs for fragile people, creating a warm and quiet safe haven in times all too chaotic.


Last year, The Bear That Wasn’t just missed out on a place in the final of Humo’s Rock Rally, Belgium’s most prestigious contest for upcoming indie bands. The jury acknowledged the talent of The Bear That Wasn’t and predicted a bright future for him, hailing the quality of his songs and the sheer beauty of his voice.


This summer, The Bear That Wasn’t will record his debut album, which will be released early 2010 through PIAS. In Ocober he embarks on a unique year-long trip around Belgium. The Bear That Wasn’t looked for and quickly found 365 new Facebook friends who each will lodge him one day. In return, The Bear That Wasn’t will warm his hosts with his tenderly whispered songs. This project will result in a movie by TRS, the multitalented Brussels production company that already collaborated on ‘Part of the Weekend Never Dies’, the tour documentary of the groundbreaking Belgian dj’s Soulwax.







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